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Webinars & Events 2023

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Xtalks Webinar: How Humanized mice enforce the preclinical package in oncology and immunology studies?

Virtual May 30

PEGS Boston Summit

Boston, MA, United States May 15 to 19

Xtalks Webinar: How Humanized Mice Studies Can Accelerate Preclinical Research in Infectious Diseases

Virtual April 25

Bio-Europe Spring 2023, Virtual

Virtual March 28 to 30

Bio-Europe Spring 2023, In Person

Basel, Switzerland March 20 to 22

Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference

London, UK March 9 and 10

Biotechgate Digital Partnering 2023

Virtual February 6 to 10

On-Demand Xtalks Webinar: Why Use Humanized Mouse Models for Translational Studies in Inflammatory Disorders?

Virtual January 24

Webinars & Events 2022

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TRACE 10-Year Anniversary PDX Workshop

Leuven, Belgium November 25th

French Society for Immunology and the French Cytometry Association Joint Meeting

Palais des Congrès, Nice, France November 22nd to 24th

On-Demand Xtalks Webinar: How can Humanized Mouse Models be Used to Study Cancer & the Development of New Immune-Targeted Therapies?

Virtual November 8th

Bio-Europe 2022

Leipzig, Germany In Person: October 24th to 26th
Virtual: November 2nd to 4th

ESGCT 29th Congress in collaboration with BSGCT

Edinburgh International
Conference Centre
, Scotland, UK
October 11th to 14th

5th Annual MarketsAndMarkets Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference

Boston, Massachusetts, United States June 23rd to 24th

EASL™ International Liver Congress™ 2022

London, United Kingdom and virtual June 23rd to 26th
Meet2Win 2022 Bordeaux, France April 13th to May 12th
AACR Annual Meeting 2022 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States April 8th to 13th
BIO-Europe Spring Virtual March 28th to 31st

On-Demand Webinar Series 2022

Hosted by TransCure Bioservices’ Sebastien Tabruyn, PhD, CSO. All of the webinars are available to watch on-demand.

Sebastien TabruynSebastien holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Liege (Belgium). After 15 years of experience as Project leader in renowned international academic research institutes including UCSF (California, USA), the Centre for Cancer Biology (Adelaide, Australia) and the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), he joined TransCure bioServices in 2013 as Head of Molecular Biology and Oncology. Dr. Tabruyn has published 35 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of Oncology, Angiogenesis, Inflammation and Immunity.

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TransCure Webinar Series 2022: Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases: humanize mouse and humanize liver
mouse models addressed for HIV, HBV, etc.

  • Hu-mice to model HIV infection
  • Humanized liver mice to model HBV/HCV infections
  • Infection monitoring techniques
  • Drug candidates profiling: case studies
  • Q&A session with Dr. Tabruyn

TransCure Webinar Series 2022: Inflammatory Diseases

Inflammatory Diseases: the fully humanized immune system mouse models and translational predictability

  • Hu-mice to model Gl and lung inflammation
  • ID symptoms monitoring
  • Case studies: drug candidates profiling
  • Q&A session with Dr. Tabruyn

TransCure Webinar Series 2022: Immuno-Oncology

Immuno-Oncology: Best preclinical candidate selection using fully humanized immune system mouse models. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • A predictive fully humanized immune system mouse model
  • Select the most suitable cancer cell lines and/or PDX
  • The transient human cytokines boosting process
  • Several case studies will be presented in details
  • Q&A session with Dr. Tabruyn