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IHC Histology Platform

IHC Histology Platform

Our histological platform offers state of the art immuno-histochemestry staining and tissue morphology’s studies.

Numerous applications are offered:

  • Standard or specific labelling/staining (H&E, PAS …) for tissue morphology’s studies
  • Chromogenicity and fluorescence immunohistochemistry (IHC) for the study of bio marker expression or immune infiltration

This platform is composed of:

  • The TP1020 Automatic Tissue Processor from Leica: allowing dehydration and paraffin embedding of the different tissues removed
  • The HistoCore Arcadia coating station: allowing the paraffin coating of samples in the form of FFPE blocks
  • The HM340E microtome + STS station: allowing the cutting of FFPE blocks to thus generate white slides (not colored, unmarked)
  • The Aperio Versa blade scanner: allowing the acquisition of images in brightfield and fluorescence of the marked samples

Technological pipelines:

  • Tissue morphology study
  • Immune infiltration
  • Multiplex staining
  • Biomarker expression