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CAR-TCR London 2024

Event Information:


From: 27 February, 2024
To: 29 February, 2024


London, United Kingdom

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Immuno-Oncology, Humanized Mouse Models

Join Transcure BioServices at the 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit Europe in London!

We are excited to announce that TransCure bioServices will be attending the 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit Europe, the premier European event dedicated to the advancement of Cell Ttherapy innovations. Taking place in London from February 27th to 29th, this summit is the epicenter for groundbreaking developments in the field of Cell Therapy, including in vivo engineering, novel armouring enhancements, and the expansion into autoimmune diseases.

As a leading pre-clinical research center, TransCure bioServices is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and clinical progress. The CAR-TCR Summit Europe offers us an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry experts, next-gen stakeholders, and key investors such as ImmPACT Bio, Immatics, Caribou Bio, Umoja Biopharma, Mnemo Therapeutics, and ArsenalBio.

We look forward to sharing our expertise in pre-clinical research and exploring the latest trends in clinical durability, predictive biomarkers, safety switches, automated production, and accelerated analytical processes aimed at reducing operational costs and turnaround times. Our participation underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving landscape of Cell Therapy.

We are eager to connect with fellow industry leaders and contribute to shaping the future of cell therapy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet us in London and discover how TransCure bioServices is making a difference in the world of Cell Therapy.

Ha-Yeon Kim-Penard, PhDAttending in person for TransCure bioServices:

Ha-Yeon Kim-Penard, PhD, Business Development

Ha-Yeon Kim-Penard holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Paris, in France. She worked at the Curie Institute (Orsay, France) in the field of cancer biology in cutaneous melanoma, before joining the TransCure bioServices Team as Project Leader in 2020. She has led many in vivo preclinical projects encompassing immuno-oncology, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases in humanized Immune System and humanized liver mouse models.

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