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Disease Models

TransCure bioServices provides cutting edge solutions to advance disease research in several therapeutic areas.

Humanized Mouse Model

Using mice as models for disease research is a widely utilized approach in the scientific community. Mice share a significant degree of genetic similarity with humans, making them valuable tools for studying various aspects of human diseases. TransCure bioServices offers a diverse range of disease mouse models to cater to the specific needs of scientists and researchers working in drug discovery and development.

One of the specialized mouse models is the CD34+ Humanized Mouse Model. This model involves the transplantation of human stem cells into immunodeficient mice, resulting in mice with a humanized immune system. This approach allows researchers to investigate human-specific diseases and evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions in a more accurate and relevant preclinical setting.

TransCure bioServices has developed a breadth of expertise in several therapeutic areas:

Immuno-Oncology Models are mouse models that mimic aspects of human cancer and the interactions between the immune system and tumor cells. These carefully designed models provide a powerful platform for researchers to dissect the complexity of tumor development, to study immune responses, and evaluate pioneering immunotherapies in the quest for effective cancer treatment.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Models provided by TransCure bioServices are designed to closely recapitulate the pathology and symptoms of human IBD, including conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These comprehensive research tools allow researchers to investigate the underlying mechanisms of IBD, explore potential therapeutic targets, and test innovative treatments.

Inflammatory Disorders can be challenging to study, but mouse models provided by TransCure bioServices offer invaluable tools for researchers. These models enable the investigation of inflammatory processes and the development of effective treatments for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, liver fibrosis (NASH, NAFLD), lung fibrosis and multiple sclerosis.

TransCure bioServices also offers Infectious Disease Mouse Models for diseases like HIV and HBV. These models allow scientists to study the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, evaluate the efficacy of antiviral therapies, and explore strategies for prevention and intervention.

TransCure bioServices offers more than disease models. We deliver humanized research tools, that lead the way in their respective fields, enabling groundbreaking research and treatment development. These models enable researchers to study disease mechanisms, evaluate potential therapeutics, and make significant strides towards developing new treatments and interventions for various diseases.