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TransCure bioServices Improves Its Services with 3D Tumor Imaging from Biovolume

    3D Imaging Example

    Archamps, December 14th, 2022 – Developed in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutes, BioVolume is the world’s first 3D imaging solution. It enables the measurement and visualization of tumor growth in 3D animal models in preclinical research, oncology, and drug development.

    Mouse models with subcutaneous tumor xenografts are used to study early tumor progression and response in vivo. Tumor volume is the most used read-out to monitor tumor progression and response to treatment.

    Biovolume produces RBG and thermal images, which allows the 3D reconstruction of the tumor. This imaging method uses a machine learning algorithm to automatically determine length, width and height without contact with the tumor. It significantly reduces user measurement variability in subcutaneous in vivo studies and enables better results reproducibility.

    3D Thermal Imaging

    Biovolume is consistent with our commitment to AAALAC and the 3Rs. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and efficacy studies results are improved, while stress on animals is reduced:

    • The device allows non-invasive tumor size assessment and avoids animal discomfort
    • Rapid image acquisition is fully traceable thanks to cloud based processing and storage
    • Tumor status assessment is easy to quantify and standardizes animal welfare monitoring

    Biovolume will allow us to improve measurement accuracy, inter-operator consistency, animal welfare, compliance, and success in preclinical oncology research.

    Biovolume technology is added to our list of technologies to optimize the quality of our services.

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