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Preclinical Services

TransCure bioServices is your one-stop-shop for in vivo pharmacology preclinical expertise

TransCure bioServices is a unique fee-for-service CRO (Contract Research Organization), with an expertise in conducting research using humanized mouse models. The below process chart is an example of how we work, from preliminary discussion, to a custom designed study protocol, performance of the experiments/studies, and reporting the data:



  • Tailor-made protocols (budget, timeline, o experimental plan)
  • Quote within a week
  • Study specifications
  • SOP driven
  • Agreement



  • Raw data analysis
  • Draft and final reports
  • Feedback and discussion
  • Repeat business

We provide qualified services offering first-rate results, and are data driven experts in these disease models:

TransCure bioServices creates customized protocol designs to meet your research goals, and implements them using SOP processes. These services are provided in our BSL-2 and BSL-3 animal facilities using cutting edge technologies (flow cytometry, cell + molecular biology, imaging, etc.).