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Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference

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From: 8 February, 2024
To: 9 February, 2024


San Diego, USA

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Immuno-Oncology, Humanized Mouse Models

Join TransCure bioServices at the Forefront of Innovation: Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference – West Coast Edition

This essential gathering brings together leading experts and professionals in immuno-oncology. Meet us in San Diego, USA, on February 8th and 9th, 2024, to contribute to shaping the future of cancer treatments.

Explore advancements in ADCs, bispecific antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, combination therapies, preclinical models of immune checkpoint modulators, biomarkers, and personalized medicine in immuno-oncology.

Discover the potential of CAR-T cell therapy and TCR-based cell therapy, as well as the impact of the tumor microenvironment and oncolytic viruses.

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dan Georgess, will showcase our innovative services and specialized humanized mouse models designed for immuno-oncology preclinical research. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about our contributions to advancing cancer research.

An opportunity to discover the latest advancements in the fields of antibodies, cellular therapy, and research on immune checkpoint inhibitors, as well as study tools and platforms, through the most recent case studies on ongoing projects in immuno-oncology.

The event will allow us to actively engage in roundtable discussions, delving deep into exchanging ideas about our work, achievements, and optimal research tools for studies in immuno-oncology.

Dan Georgess, PhD, Chief Scientific OfficerPresenting in person for TransCure bioServices:

Dan Georgess, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Dan is an innovative scientist with extensive international experience in team leadership, research strategy, and interdisciplinary collaboration. He is dedicated to promoting cross-functional efforts to address complex challenges in therapeutics development. Prior to joining TransCure bioServices, Dan was a Marie Curie Ph.D. fellow at ENS de Lyon (France), Suzan G. Komen postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (USA), and assistant professor and leader of the Cancer Invasion and Metastasis Cluster at the Lebanese American University (Lebanon). In these roles, he developed cutting-edge in vivo and ex vivo approaches for hematopoiesis, autoimmunity, and cancer research, and co-authored 15 peer-reviewed publications. Since joining TransCure bioServices in 2022, initially as Project Leader then transitioning to Director of the Alliance Management Team and now CSO, Dan’s consistent focus has been to drive successful preclinical development of cell therapies and biologics for TransCure’s clients.

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