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New Endoscopy Imaging Platforms

    Endoscopy at TransCure, more than 800 hu-IBD mice have been studied!

    While the classical IBD murine models have some important limitations, the TransCure Advanced full human immune system mouse models are the best smart alternatives for the profiling of human-specific preclinical drug candidates.

    As we always try to develop more predictive models and accurate data for our customers’ needs, we have now invested in new endoscopy imaging platforms.

    Endoscopy is an early and real-time analysis of colitis severity. In our hu-IBD preclinical efficacy studies, we use the Murine Endoscopic Index of Colitis Severity (MEICS) scores based on the endoscopic colon video imaging scale. (Becker et al. 2005, Gut) 

    This MEICS scale presents a lot of advantages:

    • The early-stage detection of colitis,
    • A detailed view of colonic mucosa,
    • Long follow-up of mucosal lesions,
    • Real-time of early drug efficacy for colitis.


    Olympus URF-V3: 80° field of view – 1,5 to 50 mm depth of field, 275° angulation range, up and down

    With this new endoscope equipment, we new can produce unique Diseases Progression Scores that combines: Clinical, Endoscopy and Histology end-points!

    Induction of colitis by Dextran Sulfate Sodium

    IBD protocol

    Endpoints or Disease Progression Scores:
    Clinical + Histopathology + Endoscopy


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    If you want to know more about our services for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, contact us! Discover our IBD humanized mouse models.

    TransCure is always ready to carry out your preclinical studies, so do not hesitate to contact us!