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2019 Achievements and New Objectives in 2020

    All the TransCure bioServices SAS team wish you a Happy New Year! We leave 2019 with many emotions and we wish that 2020 will be as successful as 2019 for you and your professional objectives. TransCure bioServices is proud of the past year thanks to its dedicated and expert team members.

    We are summarizing 2019 achievements below, and defining 2020 objectives with the hope of delivering renewed professional services to you, our preferred customers.

    Thank you for being part of TransCure bioServices clients!

    2019 was a very exciting year, full of changes and new challenges for the TransCure bioServices team of experts of in vivo pharmacology models. We would like to share some of the major 2019 achievements and shed light on the future objectives in 2020.

    2019 Achievements

    2019 was a year of full human and scientific accomplishments. Ten new members have joined our team, and with 3 more people joining us in January 2020, we have expanded the team to about 40 people. 18 new customers and many repeat clients/businesses have put their trust in our in vivo full human immune system mouse models for immune-oncology, inflammation, infectious and vaccine indications, a total of 74 studies were performed in our renewed animal and lab. facility with the contribution of about 3 thousands hu-mice.

    In addition, a strategic partnership with Champions Oncology was initiated mid-2019. PDX’s customers are now able to access and perform studies with Champion’s PDX in Europe at our facility. Horizon 2020 has selected TransCure bioServices among 2,822 applicants for the initial funding of a hu-liver project proposal.

    During the year we were able to maintain and develop a full service spirit toward all our customers in their need for clean, competent and data driven in vivo pharmacology services: “Being scientists speaking to scientists with competence, flexibility, transparency and pro-activity.”

    Animal Facilities

    Due to the continuous expansion of our customer base, therefore a higher demand for hu-mouse models, we are expanding our animal and laboratory facility. In 2019 we have executed more than 74 hu-mouse studies representing around 2,600 hu-mice, almost the double from last year. In 2020 we are aiming at producing up to 600 hu-mice per month, in order to deliver and maintain hu-mice available for customers who need to get started right after the study is signed and unwilling to wait the 14 to 15 weeks the reconstitution of the full human immune system in these animals. 

    hu-liver New models

    We will be able to provide a new human-liver mouse model mid-2020, with and without the human immune system to study NASH, fibrosis, and other hepatic disease.

    Increasing revenue

    2018 record was beaten in 2019 as we have reached circa 4 millions Euros revenue. We are targeting more than 5M€ in 2020.

    To watch in 2020

    • AAALAC accreditation is underway, and we hope to be AAALAC accredited in early 2021 with our new animal facility/processes.

    • Launch of the hu-liver mouse models.
    • Expanding more our customer base and delivering more PDX studies.

    Our team warmly thanks all TransCure’s Customers and welcome your renewed or new business with us in 2020.