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TransCure bioServices Fully Operational Despite Challenges of SARS-COV-2

    Times like this teach us how important science, and more precisely, translational scientific research is.

    Translational research saves lives and helps people affected by disease to bring value back to their lives, and we’re proud to be a part of these activities.

    There are millions of lives we’re hoping to have an impact on with the preclinical expertise for the human immune and hu-liver disease models services that we offer.

    Our team is working at full speed for our international customers, and we’ve implemented the strictest rules to reduce the impact of SARS-COV-2 on our employees and management. We’re fortunate and grateful to have a team that is very devoted to their work and would like to take a moment to thank all involved in keeping our customer’s projects up and running. Furthermore, we want to encourage all scientists in the translational field to keep on searching for cures to make this world a better place.

    In the case you or your projects currently encounter any bottleneck we’re happy to assist with our scientific toolbox and expertise on the full human immune system and hu-liver predictive disease models. We have a limited number of free slots available now where we can start working on your preclinical goals almost immediately.

    Write us a message or give us a call: +33 4 80 16 01 42

    Minimization of the risks and the impact of SARS-COV-2 on our Services

    Our Leadership Team is e-meeting frequently in order to evaluate the global and local situations and to ensure that we provide resources and information to manage the situation as effectively as possible. Here are some actions that TransCure bioServices are taking in order to mitigate the effects on our services and business to our customers:

    • Communicating and implementing internally the importance of fundamental personal hygiene practices (i.e. hand and desk washing, coughing in the crook of the elbow, maintaining social distancing in the work place)
    • Home office/work from home is recommended whenever applicable
    • Non-essential travel has been strictly limited to local meetings and small group (less than 5 people) events
    • Plans to ensure the business continuity in case of any employee absenteeism