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Brand New Rodent Animal Facility at TransCure bioServices

    State-of-the-Art and Expanded Animal Facilities at TransCure bioServices

    We have totally refurbished and remodeled our extended animal facility (now more than 500 m2 – upgraded 300 m2 last year) with automatic sliding doors, several dedicated rooms for humanization, disease model, CD34+ engraftments, and small animal imaging.

    Furthermore, we’ve trained personnel with the aim to get AAALAC accreditation in 2021. A big thanks to Antoine Poskin, our Chief Veterinarian Officer.

    At TransCure bioServices, our humanized mouse models are used to develop cutting-edge drugs for major biotech and pharma companies around the world. Today, we are proud to announce our next milestone: the opening of our brand-new animal facility, a compelling asset designed to serve you better.

    In 2020, we doubled our working surface to reach 500+ m² and a housing capacity of 6000+ mice. In the process, our flows and material were completely renewed to enhance sanitary practices and animal welfare. While maintaining our BSL-2 and BSL-3 capabilities, we can now rely on:

    • 7 independent housing rooms,
    • 5 operating rooms,
    • 1 surgical room
    • and 2 autopsy rooms.

    Our team of dedicated animal technicians and veterinarians has access to 12 individual working stations, each equipped with automated data collection system, we also acquired an endoscope and an in vivo imagery system to improve study follow-up.

    We are now looking forward to the next exciting challenges including the AAALAC accreditation and the launch of new models. In regards, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the first studies on our humanized liver mouse, a huge achievement for TransCure bioServices and a real gamechanger in the toxicology field. This breakthrough will complete our catalog of established immune-oncology, IBD, and HIV models.

    Inquire today to learn more about our skills and models and to visit our new installations.