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New IHC platform is now available at TransCure

    The complete platform/service allows TCS to carry out any histological study from our advanced human immune system mouse models’ tissues.

    Numerous applications are offered:

    • Standard or specific labelling/staining (H&E, PAS …) for tissue morphology’s studies (e.g. IBD, IO, infectious Studies)
    • Chromogenicity and fluorescence immunohistochemistry (IHC) for the study of target marker expression
    • Process of paraffinization of samples in the form of FFPE blocks
    • Microtomy
    • Coloring/Immunostaining
    • Analysis: slide scan and image analysis (colonization scoring for IBD, quantification of immunolabeling)

    This new platform is composed of:

    • The TP1020 Automatic Tissue Processor from Leica; allowing dehydration and paraffin embedding of the different tissues removed.
    • The HistoCore Arcadia coating station; allowing the paraffin coating of samples in the form of FFPE blocks.
    • The HM340E microtome + STS station; allowing the cutting of FFPE blocks to thus generate white slides (not colored, unmarked).
    • The Aperio Versa blade scanner; allowing the acquisition of images in brightfield and fluorescence of the marked samples.

    Interested in learning more about our new laboratory services?

    Get in touch with TransCure bioServices about your needs and discover our expertise.